Security is everyone's responsibility, at work, and at home

Our Security Culture Services

Educate and train people to be your strongest defence against cybercrime - not the weakest link.

People are complex. Depending on the context, social setting, level of training, time and many other factors, they can either be a weak link or a human firewall.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to building a security culture. On its own, security awareness training may not be effective, and organisations need a more balanced approach to develop and improve their security culture.

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Security education and awareness isn't a one-off exercise but an ongoing effort. Let us help you create a security culture, so your security team has more time to focus on the technical elements of cyber security.

We can help you build and maintain security education and awareness programmes that:

Are based on your organisation's risk profile
Engage employees
Create an open dialogue
Spark curiosity
Encourage people to take responsibility

We tailor security awareness programmes to your employees, considering their role, access to information, and security culture score. Understanding your business means clearly defining goals, planning different training activities and schedules, and measuring progress. That way, we find out what works and what doesn't, continuously improving the programme and increasing the overall security culture score.

Together with our partners, we can perform phishing simulations and embed security education training content into our programmes. We will measure your baseline security culture score, build security education and awareness programmes for your people, and produce meaningful reports for your organisation's stakeholders.

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