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Our Security Assurance Services

Have confidence that your people, processes and technologies are working as intended.

Understand your organisation's current security posture
Achieve compliance
Enable well-informed risk-based decisions to be made

We can perform a variety of security assurance activities, either as an independent party or by supporting your in-house team.

Collaborating with your teams to develop a security assurance plan
Ensure systems and processes are effective and legal and contractual requirements are met to support your organisation’s mission.
Assisting with third-party due diligence and supply chain risk
Be reassured that external partners meet your organisation’s security requirements so you can manage third-party risk effectively.
Conducting internal security reviews
Ensure new systems comply with your security policies and standards before going live to minimise the risk of technical debt and confirm a security baseline is in place.
Supporting your internal audit function in reviewing the internal control system
Meet strategic goals and objectives and support effective risk management across your organisation.
Supporting the certification and accreditation (C&A) process
Conducting risk assessments and audits will give your organisation an independent and unbiased view of your security posture.
Writing reports tailored to your target audience
We produce informative, clear and concise reports that include actionable recommendations to help you deliver key messages and get issues resolved.
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