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Don’t let skill shortages and internal resource constraints hold you back. Utilise our cyber security consulting expertise and years of experience working across many different commercial and government organisations.

Engaging us means you can avoid making costly mistakes that others have made.

It's very easy to get too close to organisational issues. People or teams are often unable to see things that appear obvious to an unbiased third party. In addition, if you don't want to hire more staff or scale up your in-house security team, partnering with us is a cost-effective choice – you’ll only pay for our cyber security consulting services when you need them.

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Blending our expert cyber security consultants with your in-house team can also drive efficiencies and maximise output.

Let us help you manage your business risks

We can help you identify, address and overcome obstacles to meet your organisation's goals and assist with almost any cyber security consulting need your business might have.

Cybershore's CyberRiskCheck is a streamlined current state assessment of your IT Security and provides you with actionable recommendations to uplift it.

A Principal Consultant performs the assertion-based evaluation and covers 27 requirements from six areas. As a result, you will receive a report containing your score and recommendations for action for each unfulfilled requirement. The recommendations for actions are structured according to urgency.

The assessment scoring can be used as a baseline and is a valuable tool to assess your IT security, identify weaknesses and strengths, identify trends and strengthen your IT security.

Achieving compliance with internationally-recognised standards such as ISO/IEC 27001 and SOC 2 can often take several years.

We can help you get ready for the certification audit, including controls design and implementation, so you are all set to demonstrate your compliance. You can also use your audit reports to show your clients and partners that you have a strong security posture, are protecting their information, and have an ongoing investment in cyber security.

Most organisations spend thousands of dollars on external assurance activities. However, reports are often not precise, and recommendations seem like an unmanageable to-do list. In addition, many struggle to tackle the root cause of issues and are presented with the same findings, year after year. Sound familiar?

Our remediation guidance will help your organisation effectively address any process or control deficiencies from the root cause so you can close out many findings for good. Most importantly, our cyber security remediation consulting approach contributes to a better security posture and builds defence in depth while balancing security, usability, and cost.

Understanding the current state of your security capabilities enables you to clearly identify strengths and where improvements are required. As a result, stakeholders are empowered to prioritise what needs to be done to reach higher maturity levels.

We can assess your organisation against maturity models and governance frameworks such as the Capability Maturity Model for Protective Security or COBIT 2019. Most importantly, we can tailor our methodology to suit your business and its risk appetite.

It’s essential to make security requirements part of the early stages of any system acquisitions and implementation. It prevents headaches later on, saves money, and protects your organisation from technology debt.

We can help you define realistic security objectives and processes. Moreover, we can support you to embed cyber security as early as possible into your project lifecycle, shifting security to the left and making sure any third-party risk is understood and proactively managed.

Understanding risk and threats to your organisation’s infrastructure and systems are fundamental ingredients to assist with strategic planning.

Our industry and security experience, in combination with our knowledge and insights of global threat landscapes, can support you by delivering strategies and roadmaps that enable your organisation to improve its security posture and ability to deal with known and unforeseen threats.

There are many uses for virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) services. For instance, small to medium enterprises may not have the budget to hire an in-house CISO while other organisations may need help to bridge the gap between new hires.

Our vCISO services can help with many aspects of your overall information security programme, such as information security planning and management, security risk management activities, coordination of audits by regulators or customers, external assurance and compliance programme development.

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